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Time Has NOT Stood Still...

...during the past two months! In fact, a great deal of work has been accomplished by the volunteer-led team at Echo Hall! Dave Laskey prepared a summary of what has been happening below (please scroll down to the photos to see the progress):


1. Completed removing 3 chimneys (of 4 that need removal)

2. Rebuilt and repaired interior bricks in South Wing as needed

a) mostly where chimneys were removed

b) almost every corner was falling

c) no work done in hall (b/c will be exposed and needs professional mason)

3. Replaced the floor joists where chimneys were removed and/or where floors were rotten in the South Wing

a) started replacing flooring over new joists

4. Tons of yard work including:

a) maintaining grass cutting

b) tilling and replanting whole sections of the yard where noxious weeds dominated

c) removing a large pile of debris from the back (including another couch and a trampoline)

d) removing the piles of cuttings

e) straightening up the remaining bricks

f) removal of a scrub tree out back

g) cleanup around the bases of several trees

h) general garbage and trash cleanup of yard areas

5. Finished the remaining masonry jobs

a) new back outside basement stairs

b) shoring up subterranean openings

6. Cleaned and then primed the new brickwork areas for protection and appearance

a) 5/11 volunteer day

b) paint donated by PPG (through Miller Lumber)

7. Met with roofers and solicited roofing bids

a) 5 bids requested

b) prepared scope of work for roofing

The next steps are:

1. Select roofer and finalize roofing contract and set start of work

2. Finish floor repairs and replacement in South Wing

3. Continue yard maintenance and improvements

4. Build out walls to replace chimney openings

5. Remove remaining floor joists from North Wing

6. Build masonry wall around new back steps

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1 Comment

Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith
Dec 18, 2021

Is there an email contact for the association? Would like to get in touch about a couple of ideas.

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