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More Progress In The Works At Echo Hall!

Here are some actions we have planned during the next few months at Echo Hall to move the restoration along!

- Finish and pay for masonry (they are about 50% done and have a 3/31 deadline)

- Upon sufficient funding, develop scope of work for roof, eaves, soffits, and gutters

- Review and develop list of roofing contractors to contact and solicit bids; meet with at site with architect and review scope of work

- Solicit bids; review; decide

- Complete any owner-provided work

- Commence roofing work; monitor same; pay for same

And while these tasks are being completed, there will also be:

- Strategic planning

- Reviews with the architect

- Solicitation of public input

- Detailed architect's plans

Future activities slated to commence pending architect planning and structural approval:

- More demo (most of floors need to be at least repaired)

- Remaining structural work (brick pointing, floors, interior brick, more)

- Remove existing window, door, and other trim for salvage, rehab, and replacement

- Start to rebuild!

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